Irrigation systems

We cooperate with manufacturers of comprehensive irrigation systems, which apply the latest solutions, optimize the costs and ensure appropriate water supply to gardens and lawns, industrial greenhouses, golf courses, sports facilities, farmland, tree and bush nurseries, orchards and urban areas.

Thanks to our long standing experience, we are able to offer our clients expert advice, from design, through workmanship, to installation and subsequent service.

We are willing to establish cooperation for the sale of our products: control panels, pumps, filers, emitters, sensors, electrovalves, drivers, micro-sprinklers, drip tapes, drip lines, static sprinklers, turbine sprinklers, sports field sprinklers, farmland sprinkles, and LDPE pipes.

We also carry out the implementation of major irrigation system projects. In our range of products, you’ll find only reliable and professional irrigation systems.

We make sure that the irrigation equipment provides efficient and automatic operation while conducting gardening and farming activities. We offer our clients not only new equipment intended for backyard and industrial use, but also modernisation of existing irrigation systems. All of our sprinklers, drip tapes and lines will certainly provide plants with the appropriate amount of water, as well as fertilisers and plant protection products. They provide effective and efficient irrigation of plantations, orchards, vineyards and hedges. The latest solutions applied in the irrigation systems guarantee fast installation and low operating costs. Reliability and durability of our devices is mainly due to application of damage resistant, high-quality materials.