We cooperate with an experienced manufacturer of the equipment and installations used in the processes of natural gas and oil extraction and transmission, as well as refining and petrochemical and chemical processes.

Our Partner has 30 years’ experience in the designing and manufacturing process and “turn-key” finishing.

Thanks to the projects completed in Poland and abroad, we are able to build any type of gas reducing and metering stations, as well as any peripheral installations.

Our portfolio includes the following installations:

1) Complete technological skids

We manufacture equipment that can be combined in complete technological units. We focus on combining the equipment in units, e.g. gas stations, filter banks, heaters, separators etc. Technological units may be installed on a steel frame (skid) or in a container. This type of solution facilitates transport and installation with the provided unit. We also offer assembly service of the components delivered to us, e.g. compressor package units.

2) Gas stations

We are the manufacturer of gas reducing, metering, reducing-metering stations, bypass sequence, filtration units, drain, dam and bleed units, as well as gas irrigation systems. We manufacture stations in two variants – container or frame (the so-called skid).

3) Pressure equipment

The most frequently manufactured equipment include: THT containers (of stainless steel), gas pre-heaters, filters and filter separators, filter heaters, cyclone and coalescence separators, linear heaters.

4) Gas coolers

Depending on the requirements, we manufacture coolers from small to large sizes along with supportive structures and service platforms. We manufacture tubular coolers cooled by air. In order to facilitate air flow through the coolers, fans with electric motors are used.

5) Storage tanks

We manufacture tanks which are differentiated in terms of the construction: overground or underground, single- or double walled, pressure or non-pressure, with insulation, with heating.

6) Filter inserts

We are a manufacturer of filter inserts type WPZ.

We welcome large executive companies, as well as the entities directly engaged in extraction, processing, storage and distribution of fuels (gas, oil etc.) to become acquainted with our offer.