Food Products

We cooperate with Polish manufacturer of frosting, creams and chocolate. They constitute semi-products used as ingredients in final confectionery products. Our partner has long-term experience and mainly focuses on the manufacture and delivery of frosting to renowned, world-class brands.

It has obtained various types of international certificates, which enables export to selected countries. Frosting can be distributed in a form of solid (tablets) or liquid (in tanks) consistency.

1) Confectioners’ frosting, is a semi-product of the confectionery industry used for coating, decorating, forming all kinds of confectionery products. With the use of selected products, they do not require tempering. The most frequently sold frosting: Biała, Mambo, Standard, Wyborowa, Extra Wyborowa, Cocoa-milk, flavoured (strawberry, lemon, orange, toffee), premium 100 g / with white chocolate and plain chocolate flavour.

2) Ice cream frosting is manufactured from a specially composed mixture of products, which make them usable both in the industry and among craftsmen. Our frosting: white, milk, plain, and flavoured (strawberry, lemon, orange, toffee).

3) Cream fillings, are semi-products of the confectionery industry used for filling, layers, decorating all kinds of confectionery products. To meet your needs, we manufacture creams in three versions: soft (S), medium (M), hard (H). Our creams: Chocolate, Nutty, Coconut, Halva, Toffee, Advocaat, Creamy, Yogurt, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Meringue, Vanilla, Cappuccino.

4) Baking creams are products used for filling of confectionery subject to a heat treatment. Our creams: Nutty, Chocolate.

5) Chocolates: Dark chocolate (48), Dark chocolate (50), Dark chocolate (55), Milk chocolate (31/19), Sugar-free chocolate (50).

We encourage the confectionery manufacturers to cooperate with us. We provide very high quality products, according to the client’s recipes, while maintaining competitive prices.


We are engaged in advanced talks on the import of sugar from Ukraine directly from a Ukrainian sugar factory.

Companies/private persons are welcome to contact us.