We offer cooperation with an experienced manufacturer of complete slaughter lines for cattle and pigs.

All devices and machines are individually designed by designers/engineers, according to the client’s requirements.

Following the project approval, we proceed to carry out the implementation using high-grade stainless steel, which, as confirmed by numerous references, helps to maintain the high quality of our products.

Our projects include:

1) complete slaughter lines for cattle and pigs

2) kosher lines

3) ritual slaughter cage for cattle

4) stunning cage for cattle (HALAL)

5) waste management – universal shredder

6) food industry – vertical and horizontal conveyors, transporters.

The above-mentioned constitute only a selected groups of products. Our company is able to complete any order. Our well-developed design department, well-equipped machine park, great employee experience and quantity of the completed contracts, constitute valid reasons for long-term cooperation with us.